when a man is a poem

what happens when a man is a poem
he speaks to you in the language of life

his love flows to you like water from the mountain spring

his sighs linger at the nearness of your shadow 


for once

there is no need to fight, to resist

there is no need to teach, to explain


still, you brace for that familiar blow


you can see that he is hurt by what the world has taken from him

that the man-making did not kill the life of his soul

that his heart is built up with the readiness to love

and be loved by anyone in this precious life


yet the very fact of his aliveness is a reminder

of those chains which still rattle with every step

where the weight of survival has made you weary


but what is liberation without redemption?




dedicating this poem to my soul-sister, Daniel, back on the east coast. you give me hope. sending blessings to you and to every man who chooses to live. <3




 photo by Keren Fedida

photo by Keren Fedida