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Playlist of "capsizing" EP mixes 


Kate Faust began her love affair with music in high school when quality time spent with her grandfather resulted in a catalyzing love of jazz music. She started taking piano lessons and recorded her first experimental album at the age of sixteen. Faust attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she studied jazz vocals. During her time at University of the Arts, Faust fell deeper in love with her craft and began songwriting and acquainting herself with the basics of production. She is now the sole curator behind each of her tracks, as she not only writes her own music, but also creates and digitizes her own beats.

In 2014, Faust released her first EP, Crucial Companion, under Soulspazm.  Largely influenced by her firm jazz background, she quickly infused jazz vocals with modern, cutting-edge beats. Kate’s second EP, Eros, released May 2015, takes guidance from Audre Lord’s essay, “The Uses of the Erotic.”  Within Eros, Faust explores the very sort of female-positive eroticism that often slips by the wayside, specifically within the world of pop music. Throughout the EP, Faust seamlessly pronounces the message of the erotic as power, embracing femininity throughout her soulful lyrics.  

In addition to a a collaborative EP of cover song with her bandmate, lebeet, Kate is gearing up for the release of a new EP this year. Featuring collaborations with King Britt and lebeet, she cements her particular brand of electro-pop. The new EP titled, Capsizing, dives deeper into vast oceans of human experience through the lens of love and empowerment. Lush, magical dance beats like , "Your Body," roll into trance-like meditations in tracks like "Beyond Desire," and the EP's title track, "Capsizing." With a growing richness and refreshing message, Faust is expanding her audience opening for acts such as Hiatus Kaiyote and Bilal.  With the expansion of Faust's voice and her growing fan base, she looks to perform for crowds all over the world.


”Faust’s communicative prowess embodies how deeply lust intertwines with dread or fear, and Eros is a roller coaster of a record for taking listeners on that journey. And if this is but the EP, then Faust has many more places to take us.” - Sameer Rao (WXPN, Colorlines)
"An adventurous electro-pop set that connects the worlds of Bjork's Homogenic and Kate Bush with the singer-songwriter stylings of Regina Spektor." -John Vettese, WXPN