Singer, Songwriter, Intuitive Medium

Kate Faust is a singer, songwriter, and intuitive medium weaving songs into spells and vulnerability into power. 
Known for her ferocious live performances, confessional style vocals, and earnest online presence,
Kate is on the beautiful journey of rebirth with each and every soul that comes in contact with her work. She shares the wisdom and joy that she receives from her channeling and mediumship abilities to help people embody Unconditional Love and true power. Come see her live, or book a healing session today! 

Kate currently resides in Los Angeles, far from the rural Pennsylvania town in which she was born. She serves, performs, and creates in whatever way she is called to. 

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Healing Work with Kate

“My inner journey with Kate was a stunning revelation. She took me to part of myself I didn’t know existed, in some cases confirming what I knew intuitively, in others raising questions I hadn’t yet considered. As a bonus, I was able to communicate with a family member on the other side. Kate was a gentle and fearless guide throughout an experience of unexpected awakening.” -Cristina, Los Angeles

“Kate has an amazing approach to healing. She has the ability to dig into elements of ancestral and past life healing, which for sensitive people, can be extremely informative and helpful in your growth. Every session has unlocked much more than I ever expected. It’s been incredible working with Kate.” -Christina, Los Angeles

“Kate is one of the most present, loving humans I've ever met. Few people have the power to fully witness and hold space for someone's pain, trauma, and questions without inserting themselves into the equation. This is what makes Kate such an exceptionally skilled healer and channeler: she allows the guidance to flow through her without judgment or attachment. She holds tremendous space for the vision of you that is on the other side of your challenge or blockage. Work with her to see yourself through the eyes of the divine.” -Kat, Los Angeles

“Kate’s abilities are moving and powerful. She was able to summon deeply resonating information from beyond the realms of basic human understanding. I was on the verge of tears as Divine guides came through her to love me, support me, and set my soul at ease.” -Jesse, Los Angeles

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The Other Side of Trauma: Triggers, Time Travel, and Transmutation

Kate Faust

Oct 16, 2018

There is a place beyond survival. It is already within you.

If you would have told me even one year ago that there is another side to pain, anger, violation, and grief I would have grimaced at you with the exact cruelty I had become adept at inflicting on myself. Forcefully treading through the waves of loss and confusion is one thing, but to realize that there’s no one else holding your head under the water any longer… that is a life-quaking realization to make.


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