"I am the house

where you've come

to be born."


















Kate Faust is a voice, a creator, and a channel weaving songs into spells and vulnerability into power. 
Known for her ferocious live performances, confessional style vocals, and earnest online presence,
Kate is on the beautiful journey of rebirth with each and every soul that comes in contact with her work.  

Kate currently resides in Los Angeles, far from the rural Pennsylvania town in which she was born. She serves, performs, creates, and educates where ever she is called to. 

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WOrk with Kate

Kate has been helping people to find their voice for many years.  She is not only an accomplished creator and performer, but she is a channel of healing wisdom.  She is currently designing courses that use music and the voice as a way to embolden and empower anyone who is transforming and rebirthing their life story. For private sessions and information about online courses, please fill out the form below!

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